Peer Review Process

The submitted articles will undergo rigorous plagiarism check followed by review by an expert panel. The papers passing plagiarism check, followed by positive suggestion from an expert panel will be accepted for publication.

Anonymous referees review all submitted articles to know that articles contribution, originality, relevancy, and presentation. The Editor-in-chief will inform about paper review status, after getting the reviewer response. The review process will take 4-5 weeks time to respond the authors. This journal process double blind review policy, where authors do not any knowledge about referee/reviewer's name. The article will forward to at least 3 reviewers who will be parts of editorial board, reviewer committee or external reviewer and have similar area background knowledge. In order to minimize the review process and response to author quickly, The Editor-in-chief can triage a submission & conclude the decision without forwarding the article for external review process. The Editor-in-chief action is last action and no correspondence can be allowed in terms of unsuitable article for publications concern. All concern people will receive article notification/status update/revision/Editor-in-chief decision via email.