Preparation of Manuscript

Manuscript: Manuscript that are not published or submitter or under consideration of any other journal having NO plagiarism can be submitted to IJMSR Journal.

Language: The paper should be written in English. It should also include a title, abstract, and keywords in English.

Title page: The title page should be the first page and include the title, all authors' full names, one of the main institution name(s), city name(s), and country name(s) with which they are affiliated, and all authors’ e-mail addresses. The number of the authors should not exceed five.

Abstract Please provide a structured abstract of 150 to 250 words which should be divided into the following sections:

  • Purpose (stating the main purposes and research question)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Text: The text of the paper should consist of an Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion. Acknowledgments may be given.

Illustrations: All illustrations, including figures and tables, must be professionally rendered and suitable for reproduction. Words, numbers, and symbols should be large and clear enough to remain legible when the figure is reduced to column width (approx. 8 cm ). Each table should have a brief, concise title, and all units should be clearly indicated.

Equations and Mathematical Formulas: Equations should be typed and numbered serially on the right-hand side with Arabic numerals in parentheses, and camera-ready. Superscripts and subscripts should be indicated clearly.

Units: SI units are recommended to be used in the text, figures, and tables.

Reference: All references listed must be cited in the article text. Citations in the text are set as Arabic numerals in square brackets. References should be numbered in order of citation at the end of the paper and should appear in the following style:
[1]  A. B. Author, Title of the Paper, Unabbreviated Name of Journal, Vol. x, No. x, pp. xxx-xxx, month, year.