Comparative study and performance analysis of automotive braking system


  • Nagarajan



Braking system, disk rotor, Material optimization, drum brake, Brake pads.


The current breaking system of automobile is analyzed in this paper. In the automobile field braking system is one of the most important think. The braking system needs good functioning and maintenance. In order to increase the efficiency, the disk brake is alternate for the drum brake. In this analysis various materials are used for both drum and disk brake. A hydraulic line to the caliper is used by brake fluid. In the Brake rotor brake pads are fitted. The axial of the vehicle had rim with tyre setup for brake attachment. The brake rotor material is efficiency and corrosion varies. The disk rotor is analyzed by new materials and the results are compared with existing material.


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Author Biography


Research Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Maharishi University of Information technology Lucknow, India.


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