Design of Low Complexity and Interference Free Receiver For Optical Communications


  • Ellapan V


OFDM, optical wireless communication, hybrid asymmetrical, Xilinx ISE.


For gigabit data transmission orthogonal frequency division multiplexing(OFDM), optical wireless communication is broadly used. In conventional optical OFDM techniques that is hybrid asymmetrically which needs extra operation for cancelling the interference to decode the data. This causes high time to transmit and occupies large area, to overcome such problem a modified hybrid asymmetric technique is used in the proposed method. In this two hybrid optical OFDM components is combined with interference free approach without degrading the performance with simultaneous transmission which is used in the broadband applications. The proposed method provides less design complexity ,area and time. This method is implemented in XILINX 12.4 ISE tool.


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Author Biography

Ellapan V

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Adama Science and Technology University,
Adama, Ethiopia.


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