High Speed Pipelined Architecture for Adaptive Median Filter

  • Mohamed Mian A
Keywords: Salt and Pepper, Adaptive, Pipeline, FIFO, Rank order, Non linear.


Low level data processing functions, like FIR filtering, pattern recognition or correlation, where the parallel implementation is supported by architecture matched special purpose arithmetic; high throughput FPGA circuits easily outperform even the most advanced DSP processors. In this paper investigates a high-speed non- linear Adaptive median filter implementation is presented. Then Adaptive Median Filter solves the dual purpose of removing the impulse noise from the image and reducing distortion in the image. Adaptive Median Filtering can achieve the filtering operation of an image corrupted with impulse noise of probability greater than 0.2.


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Author Biography

Mohamed Mian A

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Department of ECE, Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and Technology
Vellore, India.


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