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In this research, we develop an elderly monitoring system using advanced technology based on sensors and the Internet of Things. In this system, older people can avoid any interaction with healthcare institutions like nursing home and hospitals. We present this challenge by establishing a smart setup to monitor human behavior through accelerometer, pulse sensor and GSM. To implement this concept, we used an alert system to the personal care assistant, to monitor the data using different learning methods. Based on Multi-layer Neural Network technique data are collected from the sensors, then processed and passed to the server in the form of an alert through the buzzer, SMS, email or voice message. The result obtained show an accuracy level of 96% compared to other classifiers.</p> Shareefa Ahmad Abu Shahada Suzan Mohammed Hreiji Saleh Ibrahim Atudu Shermin Shamsudheen Copyright (c) 2019 Shareefa Ahmad Abu Shahada, Suzan Mohammed Hreiji, Saleh Ibrahim Atudu, Shermin Shamsudheen 2019-12-27 2019-12-27 11 4 1 15 Deduplication with Attribute Based Encryption in E-Health Care Systems <p>Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) algorithm is the one of the most familiar one in cloud computing environment. While with the influence of data Deduplication technique is more effective to secure any kind of data bases. The existing system of this paper is based on Health Care Systems. In this system, large amount of data bases can be stored and retrieved day by day. So the problem arises in privacy module and storage module. Because in recent period, data’s structure in health care system can be stored heavily. So it is vulnerable to Bruce force attack. In this paper, the proposed system is overcome the drawback of privacy and storage problem in Health care systems. Attribute based encryption with data Deduplication is the best way to avoid the privacy problems.</p> Amit Pandey Gyan Prakash Copyright (c) 2019 Amit Pandey, Gyan Prakash 2019-12-27 2019-12-27 11 4 16 24 SMART AGRICULTURE USING IOT <p>IoT means Internet of Things; it is a booming technology in all over automation technologies. Actual time weather observance is the most needed for agriculture, as much agriculture allied issues can be solved by actual time weather observance system. Water is a precious and necessary one in the world. So we need to use the water in need level and avoid the water wastage, it saves the water. We use sensors in the agriculture industry to do smart agriculture. This sensor aided to check the agriculture environment and provide the data about the land fields. In this system, monitor the agriculture by using wireless sensor technology. By using the sensors we can monitor real time data’s are water level, soil moisture, temperature and humidity.</p> Shermin Shamsudheen Azath mubarakali Copyright (c) 2019 Shermin Shamsudheen, Azath mubarakali 2019-12-27 2019-12-27 11 4 25 33 Current Fed Switched Inverter Using Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) For Grid Application <p>For the grid applications, the current fed switched inverter (CFSI) is designed to distribute the energy using the Photo-Voltaic system is proposed in this paper. It has high gain generation ratio and using less passive components. The inverter circuit is powered by the PV model of two diodes and the uninterrupted supply to the inverter circuit is done by the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of Incremental and conductance algorithm. In this system, the both switched boost characteristics and the source inverter characteristics are combined at the single stage power generation. The current in the utility grid is controlled and maintained by the sliding mode controller (SMC) controller. The SMC controls the harmonics in current, settling time of DC link voltage, and the high voltage gain achievement. The solar generates 24V and the dc link capacitor is 230V obtained by the CFSI and the system verified using MATLAB/Simulink.</p> Goba Galma Balachandra Pattanaik Copyright (c) 2019 Goba Galma, Balachandra Pattanaik 2020-01-23 2020-01-23 11 4 34 43